DirectX 12_2 Feature Level Unveiled: To be Supported by all RTX GPUs, Navi 2x and Intel XPG

Microsoft has revealed the requirements of the next DirectX12 feature level, namely 12_2. Keep in mind that although this isn’t exactly an upgrade to the API, it’ll be instrumental in determining which GPU architectures support the core features of DX12 Ultimate. To quality as a DirectX 12_2 architecture, the GPU has to support the following:

Feature12_2 minimumPublic spec
Required driver modelWDDM 2.0
Shader Model6.5Link
Raytracing tierTier 1.1Link
Variable shading rateTier 2Link
Mesh shader tierTier 1Link
Sampler feedbackTier 0.9Link
Resource Binding TierTier 3Link
Tiled Resources (Tiled rendering/resource binding?)Tier 3
Conservative RasterizationTier 3Link
Root Signature Tier1.1Link
WriteBufferImmediateSupportFlagsDirect, Compute, Bundle

Most of these features were introduced by NVIDIA’s Turing GPUs on a hardware level, and with DX12_2, the rest will come into play as well. You can read more about them here:

Feature12_2 value
Int64ShaderOps (INT64 Support?)TRUE

As per Microsoft’s FAQ, all NVIDIA RTX GPUs, Turing and upcoming Ampere as well as AMD’s RDNA 2 (Navi2x) graphics cards will comply with the DirectX 12_2 feature level. Furthermore, Intel’s XPG GPUs slated to arrive next year will also support it. Unfortunately, AMD’s RDNA 1 or Navi 10 based RX 5000 series won’t be fully DX12_2 compliant.


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