Director of M1 Mac System Architecture Leaves Apple, Joins Intel After 8 Years

In another masterful stroke, Intel has succeeded in poaching another top-tier chip architect, this time from Apple. Jeff Wilcox who worked as the director of Mac System Architecture at the Cupertino company has announced his departure from Apple after serving the post for eight long years. Wilcox is responsible for leading the Apple silicon transition, beginning with the M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max SoCs (from Intel CPUs).

Wilcox has joined Intel’s Engineer Group as the CTO of the Client SoC Architecture. He’ll help design the consumer SoCs of upcoming Core processors which power most systems around the world.

Prior to this, he has worked as a Principal Component Architect at Intel for nearly 10 years during the 90s, and then again as a Principal Engineer from 2010-2013. He also briefly assumed a similar position at NVIDIA between 2007-2008.

Via: Dylan Patel


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