Death Stranding w/ DLSS 2.0 Allows All RTX GPUs to Hit 4K 60 FPS

Death Stranding is about to launch on PC in about a week’s time and turns out the title will come with NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0 upscaling technology. NVIDIA even went ahead and released some benchmarks showing the kind of improvements DLSS really brings in terms of performance.

As you can see, even the RTX 2060 is able to hit 4K 60 FPS on average with DLSS turned on, and this is the ultra quality preset we’re talking about here. NVIDIA also showed off some side-by-side screenshots comparing DLSS to native resolution with a layer of TAA:

The output quality of DLSS 2.0 is indeed quite impressive as seen in Control and MechWarrior. The differences between native and upscaled DLSS images are hard to spot, even with TAA turned off.

Death Stranding releases on PC on the 14th of July.


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