Dash Future Price Prediction: Does DASH Have a Future?

What Is Dash’s Long-Term Outlook for 2022 and Beyond?

Considering how Dash crashed in value in 2017 and again in May 2021, people are correct to wonder why they should invest in it at all. Such beliefs are reinforced by the fact that strong August gains are being erased in September. Yet, there is reason to believe that this cryptocurrency will perform well over the long term. Events playing out in the US and Germany could cause prices to rise. This Dash future price prediction analyzes some recent developments that could contribute to its future price.

What Is Dash?

Dash is a fork of Litecoin with an open-source blockchain that focuses on speed, privacy, and scalability. These features supposedly make it a better alternative to Bitcoin. It has the following features:

  • Masternode network backed by collateral.
  • Two-tier network consisting of proof-of-work consensus protocols and algorithms.
  • Rotating master nodes confirming new blocks every two hours reduce the chances of successful hacks.

This technology makes Dash more secure and much faster than Bitcoin and its other competitors. 

Why Are There Reasons to Believe It Will Go Higher in Value?

Cryptocurrencies have become a way to guard wealth against inflation caused by poor monetary policies. An example of this was the United States government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The government decided to borrow and print billions of dollars and give them to people to cover their basic needs. Many bought crypto instead because they had thought inflation would wipe out their savings. Dash was one of the cryptocurrencies they purchased because it was a lot cheaper than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

There is no sign that the United States will stop printing and borrowing. A House committee approved the allocation of $70 billion for schools and medical facilities. The USDA approved the release of $700 million in grants to farm and food workers. Newsfeeds are filled with such stories. These headlines show that Federal spending is out of control. When governments spend uncontrollably, they devalue their currency.

When the next economic crisis hits, instead of letting it pass, the US will print more stimulus. People now expect stimulus checks. Will the US government say “no” next time? That is doubtful. They will borrow and print more money and cause another spike in cryptocurrency prices, including Dash, like in 2020.

Could Inflation in Germany and Fractured EU Drive Crypto Higher?

Other events outside the United States can also trigger a run to cryptocurrencies, particularly in Germany and the Mediterranean.

Germans mostly keep their savings in cash, which are being eaten away by inflation caused by rising fuel prices and supply-chain disruptions. A 0.6 percent tax on savings accounts does not help, either. If Germans think their savings are threatened, they could decide to put their faith in Dash and other coins and tokens.

Another complicating factor is the coming election. If the SDU wins (polling indicates they will) and forms a coalition government with the CDU/CSU, or possibly the Greens, voters can expect more policies that result in inflation. 

Germans can also be expected to do the unexpected, which would be booting the center Left and Right out of power and putting parties like the FDP and AFD in charge. It is hard to believe that the voting blocs of these parties will want to continue propping up the Mediterranean at their expense. They will either force reform or boot the Mediterranean countries out of the European Union, and go back to being the European Steel and Coal Community, minus Italy.

This move would be good for Germany, but not for the countries of the Mediterranean. With no one to prop up their economies and ailing welfare states, they would suffer tremendously. There can be no doubt that whatever currency these governments start printing will be worthless. Rather than revert to an inflated currency, their citizens would find alternative mediums of exchange like Dash.

What Will Dash’s Price Be in 2022?

Ignore Dash’s features and focus on it as a secure store of value. Yes, it is speculative, and it is not a good idea to blow all one’s savings on it, but its value cannot be manipulated like fiat currency. If you are an ordinary person, you want a safe haven that no one can violate. If this trend holds, expect Dash to grow around 150 percent in value sometime in 2024.

Closing Thoughts About Dash’s Future

Yet, this presents an opportunity for cool-headed investors. They can buy Dash while it is relatively low compared to its past highs and make a profit in the future. According to WalletInvestor, Dash will reach a $600 mark in 5 years, so don’t miss the chance to multiply your gains.

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