Crytek Remaster to Bring Ray-Tracing to Xbox One X and PS4 Pro: PC to Get NVIDIA RTX and DLSS via Vulkan VKRay

After an interesting Switch-only release a month ago, Crytek’s Crysis Remastered has been MIA as far as PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One versions are concerned.

Crytek cleared the air recently by announcing that the title would be delayed to mid-September. This is a month away, so that’s not too much of a wait. Interestingly, the studio promised to bring software-based ray-tracing to the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X versions of the game.

If this pans out in the launch code, it’d be something of a technical coup and and a shot across NVIDIA’s bow. Crytek demonstrated its software ray-tracing solution a year ago, delivering a 1080p/30 FPS experience on the Vega 56. The PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, however, feature considerably weaker GPUs. With NVIDIA touting hardware-accelerated ray-tracing on Turing and Ampere as necessary because of the performance hit, it’d be very interesting to see ray-tracing effects of any form or quality run on what’s the equivalent of midrange AMD hardware circa 2013.

Furthermore, the PC version of the Remastered Crysis will also get hardware-based ray-tracing via Vulkan’s VKRay expansion, in addition to the software-based solution for AMD graphics cards. It’ll also support DLSS 2.0 across all RTX GPUs for top-of-the-line upscaling.


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