Control Ultimate Edition Reduces Game Size by Half on the PS5

The PS5 port of Control (Ultimate Edition) features several compression algorithms to reduce the total file size of the game, all the while offering a higher resolution (1440p), better performance, and ray-tracing. The PS4 version of the game was initially 35GB at the time of launch, but with the addition of the expansion packs and a few patches, it grew to a rather significant 50GB.

Although the next-gen consoles offer limited but super-fast storage, the use of advanced hardware-based compression techniques will be used to somewhat make up for it. The Ultimate Edition on Control, for example, is just 25GB, at least for now, without any post-launch patches or updates. That’s exactly half as much as the size of the game on the PS4 and Xbox One.

The PC version still clocks in at 42GB, but then again it features slightly higher resolution textures, NVIDIA’s custom ray-tracing implementation, and some separate features. But a 17GB difference is still hard to ignore.


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