Classic games to play for free on your browser

Nowadays, it was to be expected that with all the technological advances that our society is witnessing and experiencing, there would also be the possibility of playing the classic games of all times, free of charge and directly on your browser.

In fact, there is a page on the internet where anyone can enter and enjoy a fairly large catalogue of these classic games completely free of charge. You can spend time playing any of these games whenever you want and most importantly, wherever you want. This is something that is becoming very fashionable lately when it comes to entertainment.

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Moreover, to play these classic games found on the website, there is no need to install any kind of application or software.

The website: Internet Archive

The website we are talking about is the Internet Archive, an online library where the user can find a large amount of information of any kind: documents, music, small games, videos, and much more. Everything you are looking for, if it has ever been on the net, you will find it in the Internet Archive.

In this online library, you will also find a section with classic games that can be played on the computer. These include Zoo Keeper, DOOM, XO-Fighter, Worm Wars 3, War Wizard, and WipEout, amongst others. The list of these games is very long.

By entering any of these games, you will have access to all the details of the game, such as the date it was published, who the developers were, or the genre of the game. You will also be able to see the opinions of the users so that possible future player knows what they think of it before playing it. 

The classic games

Zoo Keeper is a logic video game that was released to be played on the Nintendo DS. Although, the first version of the game was created for online play in 2002. Today, it can also be played on mobile phones.

DOOM is a first-person shooter video game created in 1993. It was so successful that computers released after its release had the game built into them.

Worm Wars, also known as Worm Clan Wars, is a turn-based strategy game released in 2013 for Windows devices. It is currently also available to play on Mac OS and Linux. The protagonists of the game are worms divided into teams whose goal is to arm themselves and wipe out the opposing team.

War Wizard is an action game where the protagonist is the player himself. The plot revolves around the main player facing enemy wizards and shooting them with fire to kill them and score points.

WipEout is a futuristic anti-gravity racing game developed by the Sony team and was such a success that it eventually became a franchise.

How to play these games 

To enjoy any of these games on the Internet Archive website, all you have to do is access the website. You then choose the game you want to play, click on it and wait for a few seconds or a few minutes for it to load completely.

Depending on the game chosen, the page may take more or less time to load. Although, this speed will also depend on your connection. There are games that are much heavier than others and need to load a larger number of files to run correctly.

These games can only be played directly from the browser, not downloaded. Amongst them there are many old games that will remind many users of times gone by. Just use the search engine to find them.

As these are classic games, you have to take into account the quality of the graphics, which will be quite low, of course. However, this aspect is what gives the retro feel to the more than a thousand games that are available on Internet Archive to play, at any time and from anywhere where there is a stable internet connection.

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