Christmas Sale on Gaming Graphics Cards: Radeon RX 5700 XT, GeForce RTX Super Series Selling for Lowest Price Ever! 291

The year is coming to a close. Online retailers are busy dusting imaginary shelves in anticipation for the next year: and between next-gen consoles, Intel’s foray into graphics, and it generally being 2020 there’s a lot to look forward to.

In the meantime, however, you can get some excellent deals on 2019 technology. Treat yourself to an actually happy New Year with some of these spectacular hardware deals.

Deal # 1: Galaxy Geforce RTX 2060 Super

Who doesn’t love the 2060 Super? It’s the little bitty 2070 that could. But seriously, delivering near RTX 2070-levels of performance, a full-sized 8GB framebuffer and all that proprietary raytracing goodness (badness?), the 2060 Super is a great option for 1440p gamers. And it just became cheaper than ever: At Rs. 29,499, this Galax 2060 Super is selling for under 30k. For real. This particular model features a slight overclock to 1665 MHz. A decent dual-fan cooling solution means you’ll likely be able to eke another 100-150 Mhz out of it.

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Deal #2: Asus TUF Gaming X3 RX 5700 XT

AMD’s Navi cards have never been priced well in India. That’s just the truth. But apparently, the holiday spirit is enough to drop 5700 XT down to Rs. 36,199. That’s still abysmally overpriced, considering that its theoretical price-counterpart, the 2060 Super, is available for Rs. 4000 less. If you’re dead-set on Navi, however, the Asus 5700 XT is a good option. As an AIB part, you can’t replace your toaster with it, as you could’ve with the reference part. On the plus side, that means you’ll able to push this card to higher clocks, potentially into reference 2070 Super territory.

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Deal #3: INNO3D RTX 2070 Super Twin OC

Out of all the upper midrange cards in both AMD’s and Nvidia’s stable, the 2070 Super is the fastest by a good margin. Overclocked AIB parts take the fight to RTX 2080 and outdo the 1080 Ti in a range of titles. Today, that card is more affordable than ever. This Inno3D model is going for the absurdly low price of Rs .39,399. Considering that AIB 2070 Supers generally cost north of Rs. 42,000, that’s a significant amount you’re saving. It also makes the RX 5700 XT even less tenable a purchase. Well, in India at least.

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Deal #4: GAlax Geforce RTX 2080 Ti

I never thought I’d ever call the 2080 Ti price-competitive. But coming in at a full $300 (Rs. 20,000) cheaper than its $1400 sticker price, this Rs. 82,999 2080 Ti is by far the best ultra-high-end deal we’ve seen. If you want premium 4K gaming without spending more than 1 lakh on your GPU alone, this literally might be your only option.

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