Chinese RPG Legend of Sword and Fairy 7 Get Ray-Traced Water Caustics, GI and Mesh Caustics GI

Chinese RPG “Legend of Sword and Fairy 7 also known as Chinese Paladin 7 is getting a visual uplift with ray-tracing, courtesy of NVIDIA. The game looks gorgeous with ray-traced global illumination, water caustics, and mesh caustic global illumination. The demo for the game is already available, but it’s only in Chinese for the time being, although we should see English subtitles in the future. In case you’re curious, the game is from the developers of Xuan Yuan Sword VII, a fairly popular Chinese RPG on Steam with English subtitles, and ray-tracing as well:

Water Caustics

RTGI (Ray-traced Global Illumination)

Mesh Caustic Global Illumination


In case you’d like to know more about ray-tracing and computer graphics, visit the following:


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