Chinese CPU Longsoon 3A5000 w/ Custom ISA Launched: Expected to be on Par w/ 1st Gen AMD Ryzen

Chinese chipmaker Longsoon has launched its first fully homegrown processor based on a custom ISA, with its performance expected to be on par with the 1st Gen Ryzen chips. The Longsoon 3A5000 is built to be up to 50% faster than its predecessor, the 3A4000, all the while drawing 30% less power. Given that the latter was roughly equivalent to Excavator, the former should be comparable to Zen 1 which also brought about an IPC gain of 52%.

The Loongson 3A5000 has an operating clock of up to 2.5 GHz, with two DDR4-3200 controllers along with ECC support. SMT support is most likely absent while Turbo Boost isn’t supported either, pushing it a step behind Skylake and Zen-class designs. The CPU supports up to 2,000 instructions, with each core featuring a 64-bit superscalar GS464V autonomous microarchitecture with four integer ALUs, two 256-bit vector operations units, and two load-store units. It features dynamic shutdown of the main module clock, dynamic frequency conversion of the main clock domain, and dynamic voltage regulation of the main voltage domain.

The Longsoon 3A5000 scores a single-core score of 26+ and a quad-core score of 80+ in SPEC CPU2006 running in a GCC compiled environment, according to the chipmaker.

It also supports TPM for professional and office use, with a built-in hardware encryption module that supports Merchant Secret SM2/3/4 and higher algorithms, with SM3/4 cryptographic processing performance of more than 5Gbps.

Source: CNTechPost (Via)


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