China to Assist SMIC in Development of 7nm Process w/ 14th 5-Year Plan (21-25)

China is going to help domestic foundries in developing advanced processor nodes in the coming five years as part of its 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025). The primary targets include advanced process technologies including 7nm and FD-SOI fabrication.

In the wake of the US sanctions, China is working aggressively to eliminate the dependence of its semiconductor industry on Western firms. The next five years will focus not only on introducing advanced process nodes but also on expanding production capacities to satisfy the needs of local chipmakers, most notably HiSilicon and Huawei.

Earlier, the country’s 13th Five-Yea Plan enabled the Chinese foundry, SMIC to begin production of 14nm based chips, with a transition to 12nm expected later this year. Going by this track-record, SMIC should be all set to produce 7nm processors in the coming years along with advanced planar packaging technologies such as FD-SOI.

China’s 14th Five-Year Plan aims to help local foundries master the 7nm and sub-7nm processors including EUV-based nodes by the year 2025. Should this plan succeed, Chinese Foundries will be in a much more comfortable position relative to their Western counterparts, most notably Global Foundries,



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