China Set to Ban Online Gaming, Chatting with Overseas Players

In a rather extreme move, China is said to be working on a bill that will ban Chinese gamers from engaging with their online companions in popular MMOs and other PvP/PvE titles including chat platforms. Recently the CCP slapped a ban on Nintendo’s hit title, Animal Crossing after players were found mocking the Chinese President, Xi Jingping in certain customized scenes. Many players were also using the game to create satirical content, with the intent to criticize the Chinese government’s failure to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

Update: This is still a rumor. It hasn’t been confirmed as of now. Multiple sources are calling it a false alarm.

Multi-player gaming isn’t the sole target though. The Communist Party will also start monitoring single-player online games, and any content related to plagues or pandemics will also be curbed. Furthermore, custom maps, editing and in-game guilds or unions are also going to be axed.

After blocking popular social media platforms and websites that even remotely critique the Communist Party, the Chinese government is looking to prevent domestic gamers from fraternizing with their overseas mates. Like all the rest of the measures, this is part of the CCP’s agenda to cut off the Chinese public from Western media and fend off any possible uprisings.



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