Canadian Electric Car to Mine Cryptocurrency while Parked: Doge, Ether, Bitcoin, and More

Daymak, a Canadian Light Electric Vehicle (LEVs) maker today announced that its upcoming Spiritus electric car will include Daymak Nebula, the company’s very own (patent-pending) cryptocurrency model. With a planned launch in 2023, the Spiritus electric car will allow owners to mine cryptocurrencies from Dogecoin to Ether and even Bitcoin when parked. In fact, every Spiritus will be a node on the blockchain and come with the Daymak Nebula miner and wallet, making it the first car in history to come with mining hardware and technology embedded into the vehicle.

Since it’s an electric car, mining digital currency on this vehicle won’t contribute to the global carbon footprint, making it one of the few green mining nodes. Furthermore, starting from today, Daymak is also accepting Spiritus pre-order payments in a wide range of cryptocurrencies including, Dogecoin, Ether, Cardano, and Bitcoin, making it one of the few car-makers to do so.

Tesla recently halted accepting payments in Bitcoin, citing “environmental concerns”, but if we’re being honest it was just a PR move as Musk seems hardly bothered about the environment considering his various projects.

While the idea of generating money while parked is certainly intriguing, it’d be worthwhile knowing what kind of hardware the vehicles will feature, and how long will they be able to mine Ether or Bitcoin once powered down. It’s no secret that both digital currencies are power hogs.

The Daymak Nebula platform features the following components:

Nebula Miner – make money while you are parked. Spiritus cars will come standard with an industry-leading GPU in mining price-to-profit. Whenever the vehicle is parked on top of the Daymak Ondata wireless charging pad or parked and trickle-solar-charging, or plugged-in, Daymak Spiritus is guaranteed to be making its owner money.

Nebula Wallet – the all-in-on solution for all daily crypto needs. Nebula Miner profits can be collected, stored, and transacted via the Nebula Wallet, which is securely integrated into the Spiritus interface.

In addition to all this, it will also feature the Daymak Ondata wireless charger and the Ionix AI battery system making the Spiritus one of the most advanced cars on the horizon. These technologies will be available for licensing to other electric vehicle manufacturers as well.

Spiritus, the fifth model in the Avvenire Series, will launch in 2023. To pre-order Spiritus (Daymak encourages you to pay in crypto), to track progress, or for more information on the Daymak Avvenire Series, please visit


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