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Buy Windows 10 Pro Lifetime License for as Low as €9.8, Office Professional Plus for €18.8

Our friends over at URCDKey are running a promotional sale on Windows 10 Pro and Home Edition keys for prices as low as €9.8. Why are they so cheap, you ask? Well, there are OEM keys that can be used with a single account on a limited number of devices. They’re generally provided to OEMs and ODMs in bulk for pre-built PCs and notebooks, and as such are pretty cheap. You can get an additional discount of 20% by using our code HA20, so if you’ve been hunting for Windows 10 or Office keys, you’ve come to the right place.

Windows 10 OEM CD Key (Global):

Microsoft Office Professional Plus Keys (Global):

Windows 10 + Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus Bundles:

Once again, don’t forget to use our exclusive code (HA20) for a an additional discount of 20%!