Booming PC Sales Amidst Pandemic Expected to Boost Intel, AMD Revenues

The PC sector has benefited immensely from the new stay-at-home lifestyle. From chipmakers like Intel and AMD to OEMs such as Dell, Lenovo and Acer, almost all of them have seen an uptick in their quarterly revenues. The pandemic has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the battered PC industry that has been continuously declining in recent years:

Company2Q20 Shipments2Q20 Market Share2Q19 Shipments2Q19 Market Share2Q20/1Q19 Growth
1. HP Inc.18,08225.0%15,36623.6%17.7%
2. Lenovo17,41124.1%16,21424.9%7.4%
3. Dell Technologies12,01016.6%11,60617.9%3.5%
4. Apple5,5947.7%4,1126.3%36.0%
5. Acer Group4,8286.7%4,2856.6%12.7%
Source: IDC

As you can infer from the above table, all top 5 OEMs had a healthy second quarter. HP, Apple, and Acer were the biggest winners with increases of 17.7%, 36%, and 12.7% in the YoY revenue this quarter. It also helped HP dislodge Lenovo as the largest OEM in the pre-built PC space.

As per BofA analyst, Vivek Arya however, Intel and AMD will be the top beneficiaries of the “unexpected PC market revival/stability,”. At present, Team blue still controls a majority of the PC market while AMD is limited to just 18%. Analysts expect that to change in the coming months with the Zen 3 launch. The Ryzen 4000 CPUs may push AMD’s stake in the desktop space to as much as 30-35% globally by the same time next year.

Intel, on the other hand, is mainly focusing on the mobile market with the 11th Gen Tiger Lake based devices set to debut in September. Although data centers and servers may seem like the crux of the Blue business, the PC client business still accounts for about 50% of sales and 60% of profits.


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