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Boku and Payforit – which is the better solution for mobile casino deposits?

Mobile phones have a ton of clever tech hidden deep within them. Advanced processors and high-res screens make it possible to not only complete everyday tasks. But also use your smartphone as an entertainment center as well.

Gaming on your smartphone is now perfectly possible. And the result is just as good as its large screen predecessors.

Some of the top processors featured on modern mobile devices are beginning to rival tablets and laptops as well. Apple certainly leads the way with its Bionic A15 chip that has an incredible 3223 MHz and six cores.

But Android customers are just as well looked after with the 8th gen Snapdragon chips producing an incredible 3000 MHz over 8 cores.

Refresh rates and multitasking is now a standard requirement rather than a luxury. Smartphone users choose the convenience and speed of these devices to access all manner of internet-based tasks. 

Online gaming, for example, is now a top addition to the list of options. And this includes online casino games as well.

Using mobiles for payment

But it isn’t just the gaming action that is now possible thanks to this top tech. Mobile payments are also truly mobile thanks to the software integrated within these devices

Casino users can access funds held in their top-up credit to make deposits to their favourite casino sites. And pay by phone casinos are now extremely popular.

You can also choose to add cash to your monthly bill within some jurisdictions. In the UK, for example, the major network providers have this facility available. A player simply needs to create an account at a pay by phone casino and they will have this option at their fingertips.

And the great thing is that there is no special software to download or any hardware amendments to make to your device. All you need is your phone number, and you are able to access this fantastic payment gateway.

There are plenty of companies around the world that provide this kind of service. But within the UK, pay by phone casino sites usually employ the services of Boku or Payforit.

These top payment providers are able to seamlessly transfer cash from your top-up credit or monthly bill and add it instantly to your pay by mobile casino. Some customers will choose to pay with phone credit while others will add it to their monthly bill. It is up to you which method you prefer.

Which is better, Boku or Payforit?

The simple answer is they are both as good as each other. Both companies use the same technology to get your cash moving quickly and securely. (Provigil) They have encryption protocols in place and don’t require any personal data to get cash moving.

In fact, pay by mobile casinos are one of the safest ways to get money into your gaming account.


Boku first hit the scene in 2009 thanks to three entrepreneurial brains who combined their assets. Their previous involvement in the industry gave them the knowledge and experience necessary to make this dream a reality. 

They raised over £13 million in investment to get the venture off the ground. And quickly went on to garner a top reputation in the e-commerce industry.

This amazing payment provider gives businesses everything they need to accept mobile payments directly from the carrier. And they also utilise mobile identity products that give a network provider the ability to verify ID quickly and efficiently.

They have won several awards over the years and are considered a major player in the world of pay by mobile casinos.

And if you are interested in finding out more about these top casino sites, then you can read reviews of pay by mobile casinos here.


An alternative pay by phone casino company that is also highly regarded in the UK. Payforit not only has a first-class payment integration system for gambling sites. Moreover, they also allow their payment gateway to create express transactions for several other industries.

This product is just as good as Boku. And it’s very difficult to tell which one you may prefer to choose over the other.

One plus that Payforit has going for it is that it creates innovative alternatives for several other areas of our lives. One key part of their product offering is the Pay Schools product.

Children are able to use this tech to manage online lunch accounts to stop them from needing to carry cash around with them. This has many advantages and the education sector enjoys the benefits.

It is also a great method for collecting fees for various trips and clubs that take place in school. And also gives parents a wider range of options to pay for incidental costs that occur during the school year. 

It is a great all-round product that many industries hold in high regard.

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