Board of Directors Software for Better, Faster Decision-Making

Board of directors software is perfect for small, medium, and large business meetings. More and more companies are opting for remote meetings over face-to-face visits. This is more practical than real meetings with the advent of a high-speed Internet connection.

This communication helps form stable employee relationships, conduct surveys, and leave comments and thus making it possible to set the agenda and invite all participants especially quickly. Representatives of large companies like Microsoft, Zoom, and others choose a board portal!

Some Benefits of Board Management Software

To stay up to date, businesses can not only rely on printed papers before the meetings. For successful business promotion and the possibility of its simplified management, it is worth considering the advantages of virtual boardrooms. Many have already appreciated the benefits of such boards and are inclined to use them to streamline administrative work easily.

What are the benefits of the board management software? Here are some of them:

  • quick access to the information;
  • streamline board administration;
  • better engagement;
  • control access information; and
  • less cost.

These are just general benefits that may be more extensive. In this case, their key points will be described below.

Quick Access to the Information

A quick search for information helps you instantly find the data inside the document and information about past meetings, audit reports, strategic plans, and much more. When working in the office, such data had to be requested from the secretary or other persons. This process has become easier and is available to all participants with access rights.

Streamline Board Administration

The whole process of preparing for a meeting has been simplified to a few clicks. Instead of printing, assembling, and shipping paper copies of materials, all documents are uploaded to the cloud. In addition, the files automatically change the format to PDF.

There is no need to replace documents if an error occurs. The number of copies is unlimited, so sharing the final version is easy before the meeting starts. The documents would have to be retyped in full if it were a physical meeting. 

Additions conveniently organize committees, set meetings, request votes, create surveys, and share files. However, the time for voting or the opportunity to share a file is noticeably reduced. 

Better Engagement

Collaboration between employees does not only take place during meetings. For example, for voting, you can choose to check dates and hold them outside the meeting room. Part of the work can be done outside the meetings, which will help reduce the time for meetings as a whole. 

You can take root in the process from anywhere with a phone at hand. Since most boards have their applications, interaction can be easier and faster. They will receive a notification on any request from the administrator.

Control Access Information

Access to the board document management is simultaneously simple but secure. The administrator can control the access levels, remove members from the community and help with password recovery. Committee information is private and can only be viewed by its members.

In addition, you can define the different roles of materials. For example, you can automatically configure their deletion or restrict access after a certain period.

Also, the administrator can configure actions with the document, where you can enable or disable actions with the document, such as printing, copying, and others.

Less Cost

The previous paragraphs show that many processes required for physically interacting with documents are no longer required, greatly reducing overall costs and speeding up the distribution process. Only cutting on additional staff and abandoning printed materials significantly reduce costs.

At the same time, the savings on electricity, other utilities, and rent are worth considering.

Top Board Management Software

If you are interested in a brief overview of the main virtual boards, here are the main ones. Which of them has their main benefits and is more typical for the certain area.


Convene’s network & document encryption guarantees secure meetings and document exchange. The company has been in IT for over 30 years and operates in more than 100 countries worldwide. You can work on the platform intuitively, as a friendly and understandable interface makes a quick acquaintance with the platform.

You can easily compile, share and annotate documents. Moreover, you can annotate minutes in two clicks and carry forward action items for meetings, and much more.


This virtual boardroom is the Winner of Capterra’s Ease of use Badge. It simplifies governance and empowers more informed decision-making. Key features for the platform are:

  • remote data swipe functionality;
  • surveys & questionnaires;
  • multi-board & multi-org support;
  • secure messenger for 1:1 discussion or group discussion.

A task management feature also promotes full control over all action items throughout the meeting. All data will be fully accessible to the administrator.


Users are offered a 30-day free trial to analyze the features of this virtual boardroom. In addition, there is advanced contract management, board meeting management, and organization management.

Traditionally, it is possible to work with electronic signatures and virtual data rooms. However, simple corporate records management and extensive search options will greatly simplify the work.


Remember that in order to grow your business, you need to constantly make innovative decisions. One of them may be the transition to board portal software, which will help attract both new investors and clients. 

Don’t forget to research reviews, reputation, and customer numbers first. This information will help you choose the best solution for your business. Also, be sure to use a trial or demo version, if one is offered on the site.

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