Best Valorant Tips for Beginners: Tricks to Play like a Pro

No one ever likes being referred to as a noob, especially in the gaming world. But quite sadly, there’s almost no way to end this, especially if you’re a noob for real. Therefore you must improve your skills to play like those pros you envy.

Moreover, there’s no better way to go about this than to get a good gaming plan and implement it with some instructions as your guide. So, in this article, we’ll provide the best tips to guide you into becoming that pro player you’ve always desired. Lastly, you can also increase your win rate with the valorant cheats

Tricks to play Valorant like a pro

  • Practice

You won’t play Valorant like a pro simply because you wish to play like a pro – it’s no magic. You have to put lots of hours into the game if you want to hone your skills. Luckily, you can maneuver the disaster that comes with learning in a real-time match, thanks to the Practice mode.

The practice mode allows you to do several things, which include playing with different operators and gaining knowledge about their abilities. This helps you understand what operator you’ll spend your money buying. Furthermore, you’ll familiarize yourself with the weapons and the game map.

  • Hone your aiming skills during practice

Just as we said, there are many things you can do in the practice mode. Your aiming skill is one of the key things you should focus on to make any headway in your improvement. Don’t forget that your aiming builds as muscle memory. As such, it requires consistent practice to create those memories and improve in the game.

  • Crosshair tricks

You’ll struggle a lot if you take your crosshair’s position for granted. As a reminder, you must always keep your crosshair at head level to hit targets easily. Allowing your crosshair to be on the ground or in the sky will require more movement to get it on a target.

Also, you should equally believe that your enemy knows this tip – never assume you’re the smartest. As such, go prone when you encounter open face-to-face combat with an enemy. Furthermore, alternate between standing and crouching to make yourself a hard target.

  • Weapons and their recoil

You’ll probably jump at any opportunity to grab the Vandal, Operator, or the Phantom. It’s all simply because they feel good and your favorite gamer uses them, or they appear so fancy. You should equally consider a key property of your gun picks, which is the recoil. 

When you shoot in Valorant, your first few bullets will travel in the exact direction of your crosshair. However, from your 9th bullet upwards won’t be so accurate. So, if you’re shooting at a particular target for long, readjust your crosshair at intervals. Since different weapons have different recoils, we advise that you also learn your favorite weapons’ crosshairs in the practice range.

  • Never be defenseless

Sometimes the map seems very quiet, and you’d be running for minutes without seeing an enemy. If you’re running towards an objective, you should holster your weapon. This is because the lesser weight on your operator allows them to run faster. 

However, you mustn’t be defenseless if an enemy springs from the corner. So, it’s wise always to have your knife drawn at times like this. Mind you; this will require some practice if you’re a beginner. Switching back to a gun in time will require some skill.


As you probably know, gaining mastery in Valorant is never an easy task. You’ll need to sacrifice hours of practice aimed at improving in different areas. At one time, you’re trying to figure out your operator’s different abilities and how to use them effectively. (https://morrisvillecathospital.com/) At other times, you could be fiddling about with your weapon’s recoil or crosshair placement. 

Thankfully, you can use the tips we have provided above to do things correctly. Eventually, you’ll graduate from playing like a pro to becoming a real pro. All it takes to get there is constant practice and understanding the right way to place your crosshair. Also, don’t forget that gun recoil can mess up your shots if not mastered. 

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