Best 4K Gaming PC Build Under $1,500: Feb 2020

One of the core highlights of the next-gen consoles is in-game 4K support. Although the Xbox One X already manages to run many titles at UHD, these are mostly upscaled or suffer from FPS drops into the low 20s and don’t exactly make for a smooth experience. When it comes to PC gaming, 4K has been a very possible scenario for several years now. Of course, it doesn’t come cheap but it’s still well worth it if you can afford it.

Best CPU for 4K Gaming: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

Price: $209|Rs. 19,049

Base Clock3.6GHz
Boost Clock4.2GHz
L3 Cache32MB
Memory SupportDDR4 3200
PCIe Lanes16

At 4K, the CPU is more or less inconsequential. Still, it’s better to go with a capable chip, just in case you plan on switching to 1440p 144Hz at some point. The Ryzen 5 3600X consistently beats the Intel Core i5-9600K while offering the same level of performance in non-gaming workloads as the Core i7-9700K. It’s the ideal CPU for gamers.

Best Graphics Card for 4K Gaming: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super

Price: $749|Rs. 59,899

Boost Clock1830MHz
Memory8GB GDDR6
Bus Width256-bit
Memory Clock15.5 Gbps
Power Connector8-pin
GPU Length270 mm

Although the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is the optimal graphics card for 4K gaming, it costs a fortune (north of $1,200). The RTX 2080 Super comes in a close second offering within 15% of its performance while costing half as much. Here are some benchmarks for reference:

NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti vs RTX 2080 Super vs GTX 1080 Ti
NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti vs RTX 2080 Super vs GTX 1080 Ti

Motherboard: ASRock X570 PHANTOM GAMING 4

Price: $155|Rs. 13,350

The ASRock X570 Phantom is the best budget X570 board out there. You get all the features of the new chipset: PCIe 4.0, 4000MHz RAM support, eight SATAIII ports, and dual M.2 slots. It also comes with a powerful 10 Phase VRM (5+1 using doublers but impressive nonetheless), ASRock’s Elna Audio and addressable RGB headers.

Memory: G.SKILL Sniper X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)

Price: $74

You can get a high-speed 3600MHz memory kit for under well under $100 these days, so don’t cheap out on the memory.

Storage: SAMSUNG 970 EVO M.2 2280 500GB

Price: $90|Rs. 6,025

An NVMe drive can have a massive impact on loading times and overall system performance. The boot time is cut to less than a couple of seconds and games that usually take up to a minute to load start-up in less than 10 seconds!

Power Supply: CORSAIR HX850

Price: $180

Corsair HX series has some of the best power supplies. 80 Plus Platinum Standard, Fully Modular along with Japanese Capacitors that ensure long-term reliability, you probably won’t need to change the PSU anytime soon.

Cabinet: Phanteks Eclipse P300

Price: $50

The Phanteks Eclipse P300 is one of our favorite cases and we’re recommending it for this 4K build as well. It has enough pizzazz and comes at a decent price.

Monitor Suggestion: LG 32BL75U

Price: $500

Refresh Rate60Hz
Viewing angle178°
Display Colors1.07 Billion
Color GamutDCI-P3 (95%)
Brightness400 cd/m2
Response Time4 ms
Connectors2x HDMI 2.0
1x DisplayPort 1.4
Adaptive Sync TechnologyFreeSync Compatible
HDR SupportHDR600

Summary: Best Budget PC Build for 4K Gaming

CPUAMD Ryzen 5 3600X$202
MotherboardASRock X570 PHANTOM GAMING 4 $155
GPUNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super$749
MemoryG.SKILL Sniper X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) $74
StorageSAMSUNG 970 EVO M.2 2280 500GB $90
Power SupplyCORSAIR HX850 $180
CabinetPhanteks Eclipse P300$50

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