Backend Sources Report Steady PS5 SoC Packaging, Shipment Targets on Track

Backend houses from Taiwan and China have reported that the SoC packaging for the PS5 is going quite smoothly and the earlier shipment target set by Sony and its partners should be met without much of a change. Furthermore, sources from the industry have claimed that the supply issues with TSMC’s 7nm process are likely false as yields are much higher than the earlier claimed 50%, given the long time period the node has been in mass production.

Earlier, Bloomberg had reported that Sony was cutting its sales forecast by around 40% due to limited chip supply from AMD’s foundry partner, TSMC. Although Sony was quick to deny these reports, we had our doubts. The original figures put the PS5 sales at 14-15 million in 2020 alone, around 20-30% higher than the Xbox Series X and S combined.

Sony recently announced the launch date and pricing for the PS5 as well. The PS5 Digital Edition will cost $399 while the Standard Edition will be priced at $499, same as the Xbox Series X. Considering that most people don’t care much for boxed versions of games, the $399 version is a pretty good deal. You’re getting all of Sony’s 1st party exclusives with nearly the same level of processing power at $100 less.

While the Xbox Series S may be $100 cheaper than the Digital Version of the PS5, don’t expect 1440p 60 FPS in most games. After all, you’re basically looking at a 20 CU GPU while the Xbox Series X features more than twice as much at 52 CU. The nearest comparison is the Radeon RX 5500 XT which packs 22 CUs and it just allows 1080p 60 FPS with 1440p 30 FPS in certain less intensive titles. So, for all purposes, the XSS is a 1080p console, not a 1440p one. That will become quite clear after a year or half when developers finally start making full use of the new consoles’ processing power.



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