ASUS Launches AMD Renoir Based NUC-Like Mini-PC to Fight Intel

ASUS has launched a new line of roughly palm-sized mini-PCs based on AMD’s 7nm Renoir APUs. These mini-PCs look exactly like Intel’s NUCs and are targeted towards the same market as well. They feature the 15W Ryzen 4000 APU lineup and are priced slightly lower than the competing Intel Comet Lake offerings, all the while being faster.

The ASUS Mini-PC PN50 comes with M.2 based SSDs along with SODIMM memory, as is traditional with small form factor mini-PCs. For graphics, you get the integrated 7nm Vega GPU which should be sufficient for just about anything.

The mini-PC is already on sale in East Asian markets and has been listen several times on online European stores.


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