ASRock Follows ASUS in Enabling SAM (Re-sizable BAR) on Intel Platform

Following ASUS, ASRock has released a BIOS update enabling Smart Access Memory (SAM) or Re-sizable BAR on Intel’s Z490 platform. It has been cleverly dubbed as “Clever Access Memory” on the ASRock boards, offering a decent performance boost for Intel parts paired with Big Navi GPUs:

As per tests conducted by WCCFTech, the performance gains varied from game to game, with Shadow of the Tomb Raider showing an 11.52% increase while AMD’s own partner title Assassins’ Creed Valhalla gaining just 3%.

AMD is presently working with Intel and NVIDIA to bring SAM support to their CPUs and GPUs respectively. It’ll be interesting to see if the same will be implemented on the older Ryzen 3000 CPUs as well.


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