ASRock Brings Ryzen 5000 Support to X370 Taichi Boards along with Renoir AM4

ASRock has gone ahead and released a BIOS supporting the Ryzen 5000 processors on its X370 Taichi motherboard. Although this is an alpha release, keep in mind that official support for the 300-series boards was never promised for Vermeer.


The BIOS version P6.11 that supports the new Zen 3 chips was released yesterday. Considering the alpha status, it’s likely going to contain bugs and/or instabilities and as such, isn’t recommended for permanent use just yet.

ASRock, MSI and ASUS have already released the Zen 3 compatible BIOSes for their 400 and 500 series boards and are now looking to implement the same on older 300 series chipsets. Many A320 boards have also received unofficial support for the Zen 3 lineup, so it’s no surprise that OEMs are releasing compatible BIOSes for the X370 chipsets.

AMD had originally promised Ryzen 5000 support only on the B450 and X470 boards via a beta BIOS update in January 2021 and that too, just for verified buyers of the processors. Furthermore, these updates were supposed to be one-way flashable, meaning you couldn’t revert to your older BIOS version once you flashed the Zen 3 compatible version.

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