Are Flyers Still an Effective Marketing Campaign?

Flyers are a form of advertisement where all the relevant information is on a single sheet of paper. Businesses use flyers to increase awareness and make the brand’s identity reach the masses with minimal effort. However, the world has slowly adapted to digital forms of promotion. In such a scenario, many businesses are confused if flyers are still an effective marketing campaign. They are left wondering if they should literally “Go Design!”, and create one themselves or resort to a flyer maker. Let’s look into it in detail.

Relevance of Flyers in the Modern World  

Surprisingly, flyers are still considered to be just as valuable as they were in old times. If we analyze the dynamics of the world, it may seem slightly odd. Most businesses have shifted towards digital marketing. Hence, the question is, what makes flyers still just as effective? According to a research study, 34% of the companies reported positive responses to door-dropping flyers. Similarly, 5% of the people immediately look at the flyer when left on their doors – furthermore, 73% of the people who receive addressed mail open and go through it.

Flyers can be distributed in two ways:

Addressed Mail

Addressed male flyers are quite effective as statistics report that around 57% of the people are likely to open the flyer sent through addressed mail. 8% will open it within a 28-day time frame, and 24% will keep it to check later.

Door Drops

65% of the people who received door drop flyers read them thoroughly or at least glanced. The remaining are kept aside or recycled. The statistics are proof that flyers are not going anywhere anytime soon. 

What Makes a Flyer the Best of Its Kind?

Sending out flyers is not enough. It’s essential to make sure that the flyers are attractive and catchy. The flyers should have the following qualities:

  • Eye-catching
  • Informative
  • Convincing
  • Targeted

Special attention must be paid to the color scheme and graphics as it’s one of the most crucial parts of an eye-catching flyer. If it’s not targeted to attract the right audience, there’s no point in a flyer. Hence, accurate information must be delivered to the targeted audience. Create flyers using Vista Create to tick all the boxes required to make the perfect one. 

Benefits of Using Flyers As a Marketing Tool

Flyers are still useful in the modern age of the internet. Let’s discuss how a business can benefit by using them as a marketing tool, shall we? 

Spend Money Effectively

As a business opting for flyers, the foremost step is to estimate the number of flyers required. You don’t want to print extra and waste money. Secondly, the size and quality of the flyers can influence the price to a certain extent. After considering all the factors, make a decision that benefits the business and helps you reach the goal. It’s all up to you. Printer shops usually offer discounts when the quantity is in bulk. Additionally, a business can create flyers using Vista Create instead of hiring a professional designer. This helps save money too.

Reach a Wider Audience

The world, indeed, has shifted towards online marketing tools. But the question is, does everyone use the internet and access social media? The answer is no. A considerable population still prefers things offline, especially people in old age. 

Attract Customers With Incentives

Adding incentives is an excellent way to attract customers and engage with the flyers. It could be a discount coupon or a free-entry ticket (depending on the business type). Either way, you directly reach the potential customer and lure them to visit you. This is something that cannot be well-achieved by online marketing and makes flyers more efficient.

Use an Ideal Format for Events and Conferences

What’s one thing you can distribute amongst the attendees in a conference and events? You guessed it right — Flyers. They can be printed at short notice for any upcoming events. The best part is that they won’t get lost within folders of emails. People can see them in real-time, and some may approach you immediately. 


Flyers never stopped being an effective marketing campaign. Businesses still seek after them as they are one of the most vital marketing tools that guarantee results. You have your answer if you were skeptical about whether they can beat digital marketing tools. 

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