Apple may introduce a ridiculously overpriced Gaming Mac next year

For those of us who saw that infamous $50,000 cheese grater Mac spec and promptly backed out of the room, Apple’s got something that, well, at least they think is more enticing: A “cheaper,” gaming-oriented Mac. The folks over at Patently Mac, who undertake the oddly specific life mission of poring over Apple’s patent filings, picked up the rumor through Taiwanese supply channels. Apparently, an eSports-oriented Mac is set to arrive sometime next year with a sticker price of around $5,000. Everyone on the Mac supply chain, from Apple’s assembly partner Quanta to TSMC and PSU manufacturer Delta, is expected to benefit.

The “value” oriented Mac may come in an AIO form-factor and will likely be announced at WWDC 2020.

Apple’s made a concerted effort to tap into gaming this year, with the launch of Apple Arcade. Considering the ballooning size of the global eSports market, especially in East Asia, it’s no surprise that Apple’s working to get in on the action.

The AIO form factor possibility tells us one thing, though: this might not be the fastest gaming PC in the world. The best-case scenario is that Apple pairs the gaming Mac with something like the ASMD Radeon RX 5700M, delivering GTX 1080-esque levels of performance. If you really want to game on a Mac, it’d probably be your best bet. But if you have $5,000 to blow on a gaming PC, why not grab a pair of the beastly GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GPUs and SLI them, throw in a Core i9-9900KS, then buy yourself one of those BFG-certified 65-inch “monitors?” No seriously. This Mac is barely a rumor at this point and our suggestion is to turn tail and RUN.


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