Apple Kills the iPod – How Did It Change the Handheld Device Space?

Now that Apple has finally decided to pull the plug on the classic iPod, we can now go back and take a look at just how much this device was able to change the handheld industry as a whole. 

In this article, we will be talking about how big of an effect the iPod was able to have on the handheld device space, as well as taking a look at how this once-beloved technology was able to change the course of history altogether. 

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The Beginning Of It All

The iPod truly started it all. Without the conception of the iPod, the course of history would have been altered forever, and there is no way to know for sure what our world would look like.

This is even more so the case when you factor in that the iPod was essentially the first iteration of a smartphone, and smartphones as we know them may not even be in existence without the iPod’s creation. Of course, this tech is old now, and this is the most obvious reason as to why the iPod got discontinued.

Just imagine a world where Apple didn’t come out with the iPhone and all of their other innovations. Such a world would look truly alien, and it is likely that it would be unrecognisable to what we are used to today. 

This may have even had a knock-on effect of stunting the internet’s growth as a whole, and beloved sites like YouTube, the online casino NetBet, Twitch, and anything else you can imagine may not have even been created. 

An Indication Of What Was To Come 

The history of the iPod is one that has a ton of twists and turns. The classic iPod was almost unrecognisable to its later iterations, and that goes without mentioning the iPhone and everything that followed.

These multiple changes would set the framework of what almost every other handheld device would feature for years to come, and everything you see on modern-day smartphones is pretty much a direct result of the iPod’s innovation. 

Sure, some features like the headphone jack may have been removed over the years (against a lot of peoples wishes), but when it comes to the fundamental design and style, the iPod proceeds them all, and the impact it has been able to have on the handheld industry is truly unfathomable. 

We hope we have been able to give you a better idea as to how the iPod has changed the handheld device space. This one innovation undoubtedly changed the course of history forever, and without it, the classic smartphone we have come to know and love today may not even be in existence. 

The iPod is a classic piece of tech that is going to be remembered for centuries on end, and the father of modern-day smartphones is going to be featured in every history book for as long as humans are around. 

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