Apple Claims that the M1 Powered MacBooks Have Outsold Intel Designs

Apple CEO, Tim Cook has announced that the MacBook laptops based on the company’s custom M1 SoCs have already outsold older Intel-based designs, despite being in the market for just around six months. However, these sales figures don’t pertain to the MacBooks sold prior to the November launch. In fact, these figures only include notebooks sold in the last 2-3 quarters, after the M2-based designs hit the market.

Considering that Apple has already removed the older Intel variants from its official store, this isn’t all that surprising. Add to that the critical reception to the M1 chip from media and analysts alike, and it makes all the more sense. All the new MacBooks including the Pro, Air, and Mini are based on the M1 SoC with varying GPU configurations (7-8 cores). The iMac and iPad Pro launched just yesterday are also based on the same processor.

Apple expects a complete transition from Intel to custom in-house designed Arm silicon by the end of 2022. Many key AppStore applications such as MS Office, Chrome, Lightroom, etc already run natively on the M1 SoCs, so this claim isn’t far-fetched by any means.


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