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Apple Charging 700% More for its Memory (Yes RAM) than other Vendors, Despite Performing Exactly the Same

Apple has never been known for offering great value. The iPhone 11, its “budget” iPhone model costs as much as most flagships. Plenty of people are willing to pay the “Apple tax” for the chance to flaunt that hideously iconic logo. But what about Apple hardware that you’re never, ever going to see? Would you pay 700 percent more for Apple-branded RAM that performs EXACTLY like any other stick of DDR4? Well, Apple apparently thinks you will.

The folks over at WCCFTech did a quick price comparison between Apple’s own DDR4 RAM and the DDR4 modules offered by the competition. We need to note here that there is precisely ZERO difference in performance between 2400 MHz Apple DDR4 and competing modules. As a matter of fact, most other manufacturers offer substantially faster RAM at prices that are still lower than Apple’s going rate.WCCFTech came to some shocking conclusions. For starters, Apple still shamelessly sells 16GB 2400 MHz DD4 for…wait for it…$400. You could buy nearly 128GB of Corsair 2400 MHz DDR4 for that price.

Apple offers slightly faster 2666 MHz DDR4 RAM in 32 GB and 64 GB flavors. These cost $800 and $1200 respectively. For $1200, you can build a high-end 1440p gaming rig and throw a monitor in. Or you could buy 384 GB of DDR4 RAM and OC a single bin. You psychopath.

WCCFTech compares Apple to a range of other manufacturers on RAM pricing. Suffice to say it is not a pretty sight. If you’re thinking about getting a Mac Pro, ALWAYS get the lowest RAM spec available. Then buy and fit your own normal people RAM. Please, we implore you.


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