Apple Airpods Revenue More than NVIDIA’s Total Revenue and 2x More than AMD’s Revenue

Apple’s products are known for many things: Durability, product support before warranty (A+), product support after warranty (cash grab), the excellent cameras, and of course, the wallet-gouging price-tags. The last part is evident from the below chart. As you can see, Apple made more money from its Airpods than NVIDIA makes from selling its consumer and data center graphics cards as well as the Tegra SoC powering the Switch console. That simply ridiculous.


Apple’s Airpods bring in around $12 billion a year which is nearly as much as Adobe and Uber’s overall revenue, and twice as much as AMD’s revenue for 2020. While Apple’s products may be reliable, the post-warranty support is pretty much non-existent, and the fact that you can’t repair them yourself or at third-party stores means that there are zero alternatives.

Over the last several years, most iPhones have launched with gimmicky features such as the notch, face-unlock, etc, all the while driving the price up without any significant reason. While the newer 5nm processors launched with the latest iPhone is pretty impressive, I find it hard to justify the $500+ price tag. Of course, there are people who’ll disagree and that’s okay, but in my opinion, Apple’s products are generally for people who don’t really know how their tech works and have a lot of money to burn.


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