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An introduction to gambling software

Gambling is a favorite pastime that many people around the world have found much fun, joy, and excitement in. The gambling industry in India is growing at an astonishing rate despite several regulations forbidding major gambling in India. Talking about the online gambling industry in India, this area is operating low-key without running against any kind of legal action from the government. It can be considered a revolutionary phase for the online gambling industry in India.

Currently, land-based casinos are illegal in India, except in some states in the country where there are laws legalizing gambling in a physical form. It means that people who want to partake in any kind of organized gambling have to travel to these states to do it. Thus, online gambling has become a great way to play standard casino games without traveling anywhere. Besides, gambling websites in India are completely accessible.

Recent statistics show that approximately 40% of Indian people have gambled on online platforms at least once. Experts say that taking into account this fact it will still continue to increase by as much as 41% by 2024. With the increasing rate at which people in India are joining gambling platforms, India is going to surpass some European countries in terms of the number of players per capita.

What is gambling software?

In the gambling industry, the choice of software is a kind of guiding light for effective operation, which attracts regular players. Gambling software is computer software designed to organize and conduct gambling both on the Internet and embedded in slot machines. It is used by the organizer of gambling as a means to provide services in the field of gambling. High-quality software allows many players to play simultaneously, stabilizes the score, calculates the result, and calculates and credits any won money to the client’s account. Choosing software, not only quality is taken into account, but also the convenience, availability, and flexibility of the software.

How does it work?

The most important feature of gambling software is that it ensures the fairness of online games. People who play online are often concerned that the games are somehow falsified in favor of the casino. This anxiety is pretty much unreasonable. Random number generators are used at online casinos. They are computer programs that create random strings of numbers with no apparent pattern, and the software interacts with them to get results, such as which card is dealt next or which symbols appear after a spin on a slot machine. As a result, the outcomes of the games are absolutely random, and this ensures that the games are completely fair.

Types of gambling software

Players are provided with an extensive set of opportunities, thanks to a rapidly developing world of gambling. Thus, the range of gambling software is also extensive. How you play depends on what device you have and where you play. Gambling software can be divided into three types – download, instant play, and mobile – all of them offer plenty of games to play using different devices.

1.      Download gambling software

Nowadays a download gambling software is usually only compatible with PCs running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. After downloading it, you will get full access to a wide range of games. You just need to download a program, log in and start playing.

2.      Instant play software

Instant play software is extremely popular at most online casinos. In contrast to downloadable software, this type of gambling software lets players play games straight from their web browser without downloading. Adobe Flash is frequently used for this type of software. It means it’s compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices. Many instant play games can be accessed from smartphones and tablets.

3.      Mobile apps

Additionally to instant games which people can play from a mobile device, a lot of online casinos also offer mobile apps. These apps represent a variety of games designed (or modified) intentionally for mobile devices. They can be downloaded to your phone or tablet directly from the respective casino website or from the respective app store.

One of the best betting companies that have quality gambling software is Parimatch. It’s a licensed company with a 28-year history offering a great range of sports to bet on and instant games. One of the popular slots games by Parimatch is Andar Bahar game online. Playing this game you can try your luck, enjoy the excitement and get a cash prize.

Benefits of using Parimatch:

  •  Parimatch demands only a small minimum input
  • A convenient and quick payout is guaranteed
  • Access to a mobile app makes betting more comfortable
  • Customer support at Parimatch is available 24/7 via email, WhatsApp, or online chat


Nowadays the competition in the gambling industry is constantly increasing, each operator strives to provide the best software and services to outshine the competitor.  Betting companies use different types of software and propose a variety of games to attract players. It depends on personal preference which game to choose, but before immersing yourself in the world of gambling, you should find a reliable online casino. The main thing is that the online games offered by such casinos should be of adequate quality, and no one could interfere with the work of random number generators. Visit Parimatch to make sure of the quality, availability, and convenience of its software and offered games. 

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