AMD’s Zen 4 Based Epyc Genoa Server CPUs with 96 Cores and 192 Threads Spotted: 384MB of L3 Cache and 400W TDP [Leak]

AMD’s next-gen Epyc Genoa processors have been spotted for the first time (courtesy of Yuuki_AnS). Based on the Zen 4 architecture, these server chips increase the maximum core count to 96 and threads to 192 alongside 384MB of L3 cache and a TDP ranging between 320-400W. The Genoa family will feature over 10 SKUs with core counts going from 16 to 96 across the lineup. The L3 cache will top out at 384MB for the 96 core part with the 64, 48, and 32 core chips featuring up to 256MB. (http://rxreviewz.com/)

These processors have a boost clock of 2.5-3GHz with the higher-end 48, 64, and 96 core SKUs topping out at under 2.5GHz. Keep in mind that these are all Engineering Samples (ES), so the final retail figures will be notably higher. These chips have a TDP of around 300W, with the 96 core SKU maxing out at 360W or perhaps even higher. Once, again, it’s important to note that none of these chips correspond to the final specs which will be a notch higher or lower depending on what we’re referring to.


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