AMD’s Super Resolution (DLSS Alternative) Reportedly Launching in June, To Support NVIDIA GPUs Too

According to a video posted by CoreTeks on YouTube, AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution upscaling technology is nearly here and will be announced next month. Furthermore, it seems like developers already have access to the early implementation of the upscaling algorithm and as such, we may see upcoming games like Far Cry 6 take advantage of it. The newly launch Resident Evil Village which is also an AMD partner title may also patch it in given that it requires minimal developer intervention.

Source: CoreTeks

As already shared by Team Red, Super Resolution won’t require a massive neural network for training the algorithm and will be a much simpler (and effective?) solution, available across all platforms. This includes NVIDIA’s RTX and older GTX GPUs which lack support for DLSS due to the absence of the Tensor cores and lack of matrix multiplication acceleration.

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The other interesting bit is that Super Resolution is implemented early in the pipeline which means that we’re likely looking at a form of temporal upsampling, possibly with a sharpening filter/algorithm to make sure no details are lost, at least similar as TAA tends to make textures blurry.

The fact that Super Resolution requires very little developer intervention is what might just make it work. NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0 tech has already been implemented in both Unity as well as the Unreal Engine, and even if FSR isn’t quite on par with the latter in terms of visual fidelity, the increased adoption along with wider hardware support might just give it an edge.

AMD is going to launch its budget-grade Radeon RX 6600 XT graphics card in June, and we’re likely going to see the Super Resolution announcement during the event.


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