AMD’s Ryzen 3 3300X is Finally Back in Stock After More than a Year: Budget Gaming CPU Under $140

AMD’s Ryzen 3 3300X which has been out of stock for more than a year is finally back, though I wonder if it actually matters now. The quad-core Zen 2 SKU was in stock back in June last year, and ever since has been hard to find at online or offline retailers. While the 3300X is arguably the best four-core processor on the market, it’s better to spend $20 more and go with the $160 Core i5-10400F, as the former will most certainly struggle in some of the newer DX12 titles.

In our comparison of the four Matisse SKUs, we found that the 3300X wasn’t that far behind the 3600X and 3700X in most games, but the launch of the Zen 3 based Ryzen 5000 lineup has changed things. Firstly, Intel’s lower-end Core i5 SKUs are now cheaper than most Ryzen 5 parts, and the performance bar has been greatly raised. (buy ambien canada)

In addition to this, you won’t be able to upgrade to a newer CPU without replacing the motherboard, memory, and possibly the PSU either. Both the Ryzen 6000 and Intel’s Alder Lake-S processors will use a brand new platform with DDR5 memory, so buying a budget four-core CPU at this point is a bad idea no matter how you look at it.


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