AMD’s Q3 Sales Grew by 44% but were Offset by a Drop of 7% in GPU Prices (ASP)

AMD has a remarkable Q3, with the total revenue growing by 56% YoY and 45% on a quarterly basis. However, at the same time, there were a few outliers that went unnoticed.

Although the CG Group’s yearly revenue was up by 31%, the actual sales volume grew by 44%. However, the lower selling price (ASP) of the Radeon graphics cards meant that the final revenue was around 14% lower.

The ASP of the Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) continued to fall for another consecutive quarter. We don’t have the exact figures as AMD doesn’t divulge that data, but the Compute and Graphics Division saw its ASP (Average Sales Price) fall by 7% YoY which means that the Radeon Group likely saw a drop of around 15-20% in the ASP which is quite steep.

This explains why AMD is going all-in with its RDNA 2 graphics cards, taking on NVIDIA’s top-end graphics cards at every price-point and beating them too. We’ll just have to see how this impacts the Q4 revenue. Considering the shortage of GeForce RTX 30 series cards and the relatively lower pricing of the RDNA 2 offerings, it shouldn’t be too hard for AMD to make a dent.


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