AMD’s Market Cap Exceeds Intel for the First Time Ever

Following the $49 billion acquisition of Xilinx, AMD is now valued more than Intel by investors. With a market capitalization of nearly $198 billion, the chipmaker has edged past Intel’s cap of 193.70 $billion (at the time of writing). AMD now has an overall share count of 1.628 billion, up from 1.2 billion before the Xilinx merger. Pair that with a share price that’s over twice as much as Intel’s, and you’ve got a market cap of nearly $200 billion.

It’s worth noting that the market cap generally represents the sentiments of the market (and investors) towards the company, thereby indirectly predicting future growth prospects. In reality, AMD still controls only a third of the overall x86 CPU market, with Intel firmly holding onto the rest. However, with the Xilinx merger/takeover, AMD will now have access to a much wider market which includes FPGAs used in 5G equipment, IoT, self-driving tech, embedded, and other networking hardware.

In comparison, NVIDIA has a market cap of $662 billion, over 50% more than AMD and Intel’s cap combined. The chipmaker’s push into AI, neural networks, accelerators, and cutting-edge graphics cards have placed it at the leading edge of modern compute and graphics architectures.


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