AMD’s Linux Driver Gets RDNA 3.5 GPU Patches for Ryzen 8000 “Strix Point” Hybrid Processors

The Mesa 23.3 open-source graphics drivers have received the first patches for AMD’s RDNA 3.5 GPUs (GFX11.5), including initial support for the Radeon SI Gallium3D driver. Initial kernel support for RDNA 3.5 will be rolled out with Linux 6.7 and Mesa 23.3. The updated driver includes 13,907 lines of code, mostly JSON files that document the registers.

The GFX 11.5 code is minimal, mainly about proceeding along the existing RDNA 3 (GFX11.0) driver code path. Consequently, there shouldn’t be much of an architectural change with the RDNA 3.5 Refresh. These new iGPUs will be featured in the Ryzen 8000 “Strix Point” processors and their higher-end counterpart “Strix Halo.

The Ryzen 8000 “Strix Point” family will be AMD’s first hybrid core family, leveraging a mix of Zen 5 and Zen 5c cores. Leaked benchmarks from various sources indicate up to four Zen 5 “P” and eight Zen 5c “E” cores on these APUs. Both clusters will support hyper-threading, bringing the thread count up to 24.

The Ryzen 8000 “Strix Point” processors will be fabbed on TSMC’s 4nm (N4) process. Notebooks powered by these notebooks should hit retail sometime around mid-2024. Therefore, a CES 2024 reveal is highly likely.

Via: Phoronix.


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