AMD’s GPU Shipments Grew by 36% YoY in the Last Quarter of 2021, 12.4% QoQ

AMD’s position in the GPU market has been consistently improving over the last few quarters. According to Jon Peddie Research, GPU shipments increased by 3% in the last quarter of 2021 (QoQ) and a rather considerable increase of 29.5% compared to the previous year. The AIB shipments were well over the 10-year average of -2.8%, quite impressive considering the severe GPU shortages.

Source: JPR

AMD gained the most market through the end of 2021. Team Red’s quarterly shipments rose by 12.4% in the last quarter (compared to Q3) while seeing a sizeable growth of 35.7% year-on-year. NVIDIA’s quarterly shipments grew by just 0.5% while the YoY growth was a substantial 35.7%.

Quick highlights

  • JPR found that AIB shipments during the quarter increased from the last quarter by 3%, which is well above the 10-year average of -2.8%.
  • Total AIB shipments increased by 29.5% this quarter from the same quarter last year to 13.1 million units and were up from 12.72 million units from the previous quarter.
  • AMD’s quarter-to-quarter total desktop AIB unit shipments increased 12.4% and increased 35.7% from the same quarter last year.
  • Nvidia’s quarter-to-quarter unit shipments increased 0.5% and increased 27.7% from last year’s Q4. Nvidia continues to hold a dominant market share position at 77.2%.
  • AIB shipments from year-to-year increased by 29.5% compared to last year.

Overall, GPU shipments soared by 29.5% in the last quarter compared to the previous year. That amounts to 13.1 million units for the quarter.


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