AMD’s Desktop CPU Market Share to Hit 10-Year High of 30% by Year’s End

AMD’s desktop market share is expected to hit a 10-year high of 30% by the end of 2020. As Team Red gears to unveil the Matisse refresh next month, demand for the Ryzen 3000 chips has remained strong despite Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake-S launch. The mediocre performance upgrade offered by the new processors has put AMD in a rather comfortable position. Sources claim that AMD might delay the announcement of the Zen 3 based Ryzen 4000 parts to CES 2021 with the upcoming XT chips serving enthusiasts till then.

While the 3rd Gen Epyc Milan CPUs based on the 7nm+ Zen 3 core will still ship in Q4, there’s a lot of uncertainty over the launch date of the mainstream Ryzen 4000 desktop processors. Intel has reportedly delayed the 11th Gen Rocket Lake lineup to early 2021 and the newly launch 10th Gen parts fail to make an impact, except for maybe the higher-end Core i9-10900K in the gaming space.

CPURyzen 5 3600XRyzen 5 3600XTRyzen 7 3800XRyzen 7 3800XTRyzen 9 3900XRyzen 9 3900XT
Base Clock3.8 GHz4.0 GHz3.9 GHz4.2 GHz3.8 GHz4.1 GHz
Boost Clock4.4 GHz4.7 GHz4.5 GHz4.7 GHz4.6 GHz4.8 GHz
L3 Cache32 MB32 MB32 MB32 MB64 MB64 MB
Launch7 July 20197 July 20207 July 20197 July 20207 July 20197 July 2020

In such a situation, AMD might as well launch the Matisse refresh, namely the Ryzen 5 3600XT, Ryzen 7 3800XT and the Ryzen 9 3900XT, and call it a day. After all, like the competing Comet Lake parts, these are essentially higher-clocked variants of existing CPUs. As such, it should nullify the impact of Intel’s 10th Gen launch and then some.

There are also the Renoir desktop APUs to look forward to which will be the first chips of their kind, featuring up to eight cores and sixteen threads running to up to 4.45GHz. The integrated GPU featured on the top-end models will also be quite potent with a rated compute performance of 1.75 TFLOPs, nearly on par with the PS4. The 7nm Renoir APUs will likely hit retail by the 21st of July.

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As far as the next-gen graphics cards are concerned, nothing has changed on that front. Both AMD and NVIDIA are prepping to launch their Navi 2x and Ampere GPUs sometime in Q4 2020, just before the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

The new B550 motherboards supporting PCIe 4.0 are slated to on sale on the 16th of June (pre-orders are live) with the A520 based boards expected to follow shortly after. Both these chipsets will support the 4th Gen Ryzen processors, allowing users to upgrade without spending a fortune on the motherboard itself.


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