AMD’s CPU Userbase on Steam Increased by ~20% in the Last 1 Year

AMD’s been having a merry time in the CPU market since the 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs came out. Single-threaded performance comparable to Intel’s latest offerings and vastly superior multi-threaded performance has propelled Team Red’s CPU market to all-time highs across the board. Gamers have also been shifting to Ryzen 3000 processors on account of their improved performance in the latest DX12 titles. In fact, over the last six to twelve months, AMD’s userbase among Steam gamers has increased by a sizeable 20%:

Intel still has a majority with 78% of the CPU share with AMD clinging to the remaining 22%, but over the last year, the latter has been consistently gainly ground. Have a look at the state of the market in May 2019, right before the Ryzen 3000 launch:

In January 2019, Intel securely held onto 82% of the CPU market on Steam, with AMD at just 17.90%. While the affordability of the 2nd Gen Ryzen lineup did help Team Red made a dent, but the change was minor at best.

In Q3, things began to shift in AMD’s favor. AMD gained quite a bit from July to November (~8%), but the best was yet to come.

Come 2020, and AMD has been in the green all the way from January to April. From November to April, Ryzen CPU shares went from 19% to nearly 22%, an increase of 12%, and an overall gain of 20% over the last one year.

With the launch of Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake-S processors, Team Blue will most likely return the favor, but it won’t be long before AMD hits back with the Ryzen 4000 “Vermeer” lineup. This is the most competitive the consumer CPU lineup has been in more than a decade. Good times!


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