AMD Zen 5 based Epyc Turin CPUs to Feature up to 256 Cores and a TDP of 600W [Rumor]

The latest rumors indicate that AMD’s Zen 5 based Epyc Turin server processors will offer a big jump in compute density with as many as 256 cores and 512 threads. As per @Greymon55, there are two configurations with mammoth compute capabilities, one is a 192 core part with 384 threads, and the other with 256 cores and 512 threads. In comparison, the existing Epyc Milan CPUs top out at just 64 cores/128 threads, and Genoa is slated to pack up to 96 cores and 192 threads.


Word on the street is that Bergamo will leverage a separate platform on its own with up to 128 cores and 256 threads, but we haven’t heard much about that lately. Either way, Turin will be a massive improvement over existing Epyc platforms, offering 3-4x more performance than Genoa, and 5-6x more than Milan. This will, of course, come at a cost. These monster processors are expected to feature a TDP of 600W.

The Epyc Milan SKUs top out at just under 300W in comparison. Still, considering the sheer increase in core counts, I’d say that the efficiency is more or less maintained. AMD’s 4th Gen Epyc Genoa processors leveraging the Zen 4 core architecture and TSMC’s 5nm node are slated to land in late 2022.

This means that Turin and Zen 5 should arrive sometime in late 2024. They should be based on the N3 process which should once again provide an ample ppt boost over N5.


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