AMD Zen 3D V-Cache Based Ryzen CPUs Expected to Land in Feb-March (Announcement in Jan)

AMD’s Ryzen 6000 (or 5000 XT) processors will represent the final lineup from the chipmaker to support the AM4 socket (and DDR4 memory). Production of the said chips already began earlier this month, and the gaming-centric processors are expected to be announced at CES 2022 in January next year. As per @Greymon55, the Zen 3D “V-Cache” based Ryzen processors are likely to land in February, or latest by March.


These CPUs are going to leverage the same building blocks as the existing Ryzen 5000 parts, with the exception of the 3D stacked L3 cache chips. Overall, we’re looking at up to 192MB of L3 cache for the consumer Ryzen SKUs, and up to nearly 1GB of LLC for the Epyc Milan-X

The added L3 cache won’t confer a significant performance boost in every workload, but gaming and other cache-sensitive applications should see a decent uplift, varying from 10-25%. On average, you can expect a boost of 10-12% in gaming over the Ryzen 5000 parts.

It’s worth noting that the 3D stacking technology or V-Cache will only come to the higher-end SKUs. We’re talking about the Ryzen 9 5900X, 5950X, and the Ryzen 7 5800X. A 3D V-Cache version of the Ryzen 5 5600X and lower is highly unlikely.


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