AMD Zen 3 CPUs to Boost ST Perf by 20%; Epyc Genoa to Pack >64 Cores, DDR5, PCIe 5 and New Socket

As per German outlet, HardwareLuxx, AMD is looking to increase the single-threaded performance of its upcoming Zen 3 processors by at least 20%. This gain will come from an increase of 15% in IPC while rest will be achieved by increasing the operating clocks.

The core counts are expected to stay the same, with the consumer CPUs maxing out at 16 and the server chips packing up to 64 cores. Furthermore, as already reported earlier, AMD will be ditching the CCX design and sticking to a single CCD or chiplet without any partitions. As such, the L3 cache will now be shared between the eight cores on a chiplet, resulting in a better cache hit rate. The rest will remain the same.

As for Genoa, you can expect a higher core count than 64 (again, as reported earlier) and a new socket. Both the server and client platforms will see this change with the former migrating to SP5 and the latter to AM5. As such, a lot of new technologies are to be expected including DDR5, 6nm EUV process, PCIe 5 and support for Persistent Memory (NVDIMM-P) for the server side. At the same time though, AMD will stick with SMT 2 rather than SMT 4 as rumored earlier.

Milan and Vermeer are set to launch later this year while Genoa will arrive by the end of 2021 or early 2022.



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