AMD Zen 3 Based Threadripper CPUs Reportedly Launching in August

AMD’s Zen 3 based Threadripper processors are slated for launch in August, according to a report by MoePC. The HEDT lineup codenamed “Chagall” will fill the gap between the Vermeer desktop processors and the Epyc Milan server chips. As is the case with Milan and Vermeer, Chagall will be similar to its predecessor (Castle Peak), with the primary difference being in terms of the CCX structure. Read more about that here:

The other notable difference between the Zen 2 and Zen 3 Threadrippers will be with respect to the IO die. Just like the Epyc Milan server processors, the latter will have upgraded GMI2 links of 18GT/s. The new Threadripper SKUs will be compatible with the existing TRX40 boards via a firmware update, although, there may be a new launch as well.

As for the 3D V-Cache, there’s no chance of that being incorporated as they’re slated for mass production in late 2021, and they don’t really make that much sense out of gaming.

Source: Code-named “Chagall”, AMD Threadripper 5000 series is expected to be released in August | MoePC


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