AMD Working on Three New Ryzen 3000 CPUs: Ryzen 5 3600 XT, 3700 XT & 3900 XT (Matisse Refresh)

According to sources, AMD is working on three, not two new Ryzen 3000 CPUs. Dubbed as Matisse 2 or Matisse Refresh, these three new Zen 2 chips will go up against Intel’s newly launched 10th Gen Comet Lake-S desktop parts. The new Ryzen 3000 CPUs will be called the Ryzen 5 3600 XT, Ryzen 7 3700 XT and the Ryzen 9 3900 XT. As the name suggests, these chips will be overclocked variants of the vanilla 3600X, 3700X, and 3900X, respectively.

Looking at recent reviews of the Core i9-10900K and the Core i5-10600K, it’s clear that while the existing 3rd Gen Ryzen parts perform well in content creation and rendering, the gaming performance leaves much to be desired. Even the 10600K is faster than the entire Zen 2 lineup in gaming workloads. AMD intends to rectify this with the Matisse refresh. The new CPUs namely the Ryzen 5 3600 XT, the Ryzen 7 3700 XT and the Ryzen 9 3900 XT will go up directly against the Core i5-10600K, the Core i7-10700K and the Core i9-10900K, respectively.

While I don’t expect the new Ryzen 3000 chips to beat the Comet Lake parts in gaming, they will certainly reduce the margins to the point that they don’t matter. Furthermore, non-gaming workloads should see the Matisse refresh take a commanding position, all the while costing less.

AMD is expected to announce the refreshed Ryzen 3000 chips in June with a launch followed on the 7th of July (7/7).



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