AMD Working on Ryzen 4000 “Renoir” Desktop APUs: 8 Cores|16 Threads @ 4GHz and 7nm Vega 8 Graphics [Rumor]

We’ve been hearing whispers about the desktop counterparts of the Ryzen 4000 “Renoir” mobile parts for a while now. Although we still don’t have anything concrete, a benchmark has been leaked on Userbenchmark that might just be the real deal. The chip in question is an AMD engineering sample with eight cores and sixteen threads, and a boost clock of nearly 4GHz.

The GPU benchmark has been excluded which is a bit suspicious but considering that this is an unreleased part, it’d make sense to mask it. The CPU was tested on a B550 motherboard, so it’s either a Ryzen 3000 CPU or a desktop Renoir part. According to sources, there are two 4th Gen Ryzen desktop APUs being tested, one with a base clock of 3GHz while the other being a bit higher at 3.5GHz. These would be the Ryzen 3 4200G and Ryzen 5 4400G.

Both are eight core parts with the former likely lacking SMT, limiting the thread count to eight while the latter having sixteen. My guess is that AMD will limit the boost frequencies on the Renoir desktop APUs to keep them from cannibalizing the sales of the Ryzen 3000 parts. All-in-all, they should be a great alternative to Intel’s lower-end 9th Gen as well as the newly announced 10th Gen Comet Lake-S desktop lineup.

The inclusion of 7nm Vega graphics should provide budget gamers with GTX 1050 to 1050 Ti level performance withou having to invest in a discrete graphics card. Considering that the vast majority of the mainstream PC audience uses GTX 1060 level GPUs, these new APUs will be an instant hit.

Areej Syed

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