AMD Working on Refreshed Zen 3 CPUs w/ Boost Clocks of up to 5GHz [Update]

AMD is working on two new Zen 3 based SKUs, one being a hex-core part with a boost clock of 4.6GHz (similar to the Ryzen 5 5600X) and another a sixteen-core behemoth with a boost clock of 5GHz (similar to the Ryzen 9 5950X). Keep in mind that the Ryzen 5000 processors, unlike their predecessors actually boost higher than the marketed boost frequencies if the thermals allow it. As such, it’s very likely that the actual boost frequencies of these SKUs will be higher than these values.

Update: As part of our continued effort to expand our manufacturing and logistics capabilities, AMD will gradually rollover AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Desktop Processors to B2 Revision over the next 6 months. It does not bring functionality or performance improvements, and no BIOS update is required.

Statement from AMD.

The two processors in question actually represent the B2 stepping stack for Vermeer (codename for the Ryzen 5000 lineup), and as such, could take the form of the Ryzen 5000 XT processors, or simply two new SKUs. We might see a Ryzen 5 5600, the successor to the Ryzen 5 3600 for around $249. This sounds reasonable as the latter is still very popular among gamers, and the Core i5-11400F has been taking over some of this share.

As for the sixteen-core part, it could be an updated flagship to tackle the upcoming Alder Lake-S processors or part of the upcoming XT refresh. Either way, it’s too early to say, and looking at these specs, the two SKUs won’t be much faster than the existing Vermeer parts, so it’s not really a big deal.



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