AMD Working on Navi 10 Refresh to go Along w/ Big Navi and Navi 2x

AMD appears to be working on a Navi 10 refresh to go along with the upcoming Navi 2x and Big Navi graphics cards by the end of the year. That means the Radeon RX 5700/XT and 5600XT family will be branded as lower-end GPUs, set to replace the aging Polaris lineup.

The Navi 2x graphics cards will be based on the next-gen RDNA 2 micro-architecture and support hardware-level ray-tracing and some from of AI-based upscaling. Considering how intensive the technology really is, it’s highly likely that these GPUs will be limited to the high-end and upper-midrange market. The budget and lower-end market, on the other hand, will be substituted by the Navi 10 GPUs.

AMD has done this multiple times in the past with the Polaris lineup. The RX 400 and RX 500 graphics cards were based on the same Polaris GPUs. The main difference is that the latter was cheaper and served just the budget markets.



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