AMD Working on Budget AM5 Motherboards for its Ryzen 7000 CPUs without PCIe Gen 5 [Report]

Intel’s 13th Gen Core lineup offers substantial gaming performance at competitive prices. Additionally, support for DDR4 memory and affordable 600 series motherboards are turning the heat on AMD’s next-gen offerings. The Ryzen 7000 CPUs are very capable gaming chips, especially if you consider the latest round of discounts. Fortunately, Team Red and its partners have identified a solution to this issue. (ambien)

The high BOM of the AM5 motherboards can primarily be attributed to the high-quality PCBs used to enable PCIe Gen 5 support. Like AM4, the 600/600E series platform has been designed for longevity, with the chipmaker promising support till 2025. This required high-quality components, including complex VRMs and multiple-layer designs for more powerful future processors.

More importantly, PCIe Gen 5 is still in its early stages of adoption, prompting AIBs to omit it from more affordable, mainstream designs. As such, we should soon see all major AMD partners release AM5 motherboards at much more affordable price points leveraging PCIe Gen 4 instead of 5.

Source: Harukaze


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