AMD Working on 5 Budget RDNA 2 Mobile GPUs for Gaming Notebooks

AMD seems to be going all-in with its RDNA 2 GPUs, both in the mobile as well as the desktop market. While the DIY segment is still suffering from shortages of the higher-end Big Navi parts, the Radeon Team is finalizing 5-6 budget mobile GPUs based on the Navi 23 and 24 dies.

The Navi 23 mobile die will power the Radeon RX 6400M, 6500M, and possibly the 6600M. These chips will have a TDP of 65W, 80W, and 90W, respectively.

Below that, you’ve got Navi 24 which is supposed to come in two variants, XM and XML. The former will have a TDP of 35-50W, depending on the OEM and while the XML will have a TGP of just 25W. These chips will most likely power the RX 6300M.

The higher-end Navi 22 based mobile GPU is expected to have a TDP of 100W and a bus width of 160-192-bits, paired with 10-12GB of GDDR6 memory. These will feature core counts of up to 2560 shaders or 40 CUs. It’s unclear whether AMD will design Navi 21 based GPUs for the mobile market, but if they do they’ll have a power target of around 150W.

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