AMD Will Continue to Grab CPU Market From Intel Till Late 2024, At Least: Analyst

AMD has been analysts’ darling ever since it introduced its 3rd Gen Ryzen and Epyc Milan processors in 2019. The trend will continue for the foreseeable future with research firm Wedbush analyst Mayy Bryson stating that the chipmaker will continue to one-up its rivals in the CPU and GPU markets. Most notably, he believes that AMD will continue to gain market share from rival Intel in the processor segments.

Bryson expects AMD to be one of the most prominent names in the semiconductor industry. The analyst believes that Team Red will continue to snatch market share from Intel throughout 2023 and even till 2024, at the very least.

In terms of the GPU market, NVIDIA is easily the performance and market kind with over 80% of the market share. However, the recent rise and crash of the cryptocurrency market has left the chipmaker (and its stock) reeling. NVIDIA’s stock price is at a 12-month low with chances of stabilization being slim to nil.

Via: WCCFTech


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